„Armed with just a bass guitar and drums, Makata-o create a fuzzy wall of sludge which will devour you and then spit you right out into a puddle spiked with a healthy dose of melodic aggression.“
-It´s Everyone Else



Hey we are Makata-o [ˈmaːka⁀taʊ̯] from planet earth-
At First: We will never accept any kinds of oppressions at our shows as for example racism or sexism!

We are one of these incurable DIY-Bands, who are simply doing everything by their own or with the help of good friends. We know that our recordings aren´t always as good as they could be, but it´s even better than crawling into a super sized capitalistic ass full of lard to get some „nice“ recordings for sounding like every other compressed band on that special studio…
Ok sorry, we really don´t want to go to far or even generalize – we´re sure that there are some really nice studios and labels who are pretty damn cool, but for now we decided to follow the DIY-Mainstream. That´s why, we´re sounding much heavier on live concerts than on CD or Tape. Actually we´re at our bests while playing live in a nice, small and dark club. We also love to play in front of the stage to feel the direct reactions of our audience – this is simply the best way for us to share our bad feelings and aggressive dancing.

Believe us- that´s the way it is.


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