Tour is over – the everyday life and the try to fight back

Now our tour is over and we´re sitting on our couches again – still waiting for the next soundcheck which unfortunately won´t happen today. It´s a strange feeling to adjust yourself to work again… No one prepared us for this feeling of emptiness and that´s why the videogame-industry is now even richer than before because we just tried to fill the hole, that recently appeared in your stomach with a new stupid video game. But it stays! And stays! Stays!
But we have nothing to complain about! The tour itself was just a blasting one and we really enjoyed every day and every show. That´s why we wanted to spread some honest „Thank You’s“ to all who made this tour as awesome as it was.
Thank you Luci and Pika from ‚It´s Everyone Else‘ for the wonderful time you´ve spent with us. It was hard to say goodbye after the 7th show we played together. You are just crazy talented musicians, designers, writers, artists and simply amazingly awesome friends. Thank you for booking the shows- Luci you really did a perfect job. Both of you just keep on inspiring us! THANK YOU.
Thank you Alex of `fuelwoerter´ for turning that tour into a really special one. You took such amazingly great photos of all the shows and have been the perfect person for selling our merch- not because someone has to do this, it´s more because you took so much effort into it and were always standing behind us. You´re definitely not just „with us“, as some mentioned, you are simply one of the most important emotional supports, a good driver and an amazingly good friend for us. We simply love the texts you are writing on your blog and we´re overwhelmed by you as a person and as an artist. THANK YOU!
Thank you very much Joshi (Hasi), Martin (Azyl), Honza (Pohoda), Lukáš (Famu), Adela (Bajkazyl), Štěpán, the rest of `haw´(Sokolovna) and Ondřej (Bezvedomi) for organizing our shows. You really did a fucking good job, cooked/organized awesome food for us and you are all so nice and we always had the feeling to meet friends. We hope to see you all again very, very soon. The same is true for the bands who played with us like ZRADA, KRUHY, [PERU] and their driver, BBYB, KLINTA KINTE, TRIO AKROBATO, AMETHYST, ORIENT and GETTOBLASTER.
A special THANK YOU goes out to Jarek (APOLITA) who travelled to Bajkazyl to see us (you are just awesome) and Pavel who had a walk with us through the city of BRNO and showed us some of the local venues.
Thank you also for all the great people who showed up at our concerts and thanks to all who tried to compare us to other bands they like -which is sometimes weird, but if it´s sludge in general, `BigBusiness´ or even `Talbot´ we can live with that quite well…
We will never forget the nice evenings we spent in Halle, Liberec, Pilsen, Prag, Brno, Slavicin and Jihlava. We would love to come back for some more shows.
Yes we really had a great time because of all of you. And so touring also means to meet friends for us. Thank you for the great time. You really gave us sooo much power to go on.
We´re now on the way to record our new album. Some of the songs are quite new, others are already on our setlist. We will also work on and create some new merch – be aware we have some crazy ideas… Watch out for news and stay tuned!
-yours sincerely Makata-o

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